Cascina ZAN

Paroldo, CN - Piemonte

località Viora, 26


Cascina Zan is a farm in a pastoral setting in Alta Langa. A #secluded and #panoramic place, it is reached by a 1.7 km dirt road, emerging from the woods to find itself on a hillock in the sun, with about 5 hectares of pastureland.

The main house is the owner's residence, who is also a qualified hiking guide. A network of #hiking, #biking and #horseback riding trails starts from the farmstead. The farmstead has stables, pens and a generally well-stocked barn. In winter, it is home to a few #donkeys. From 2021, it will have a double room, a #ciabot equipped as an intimate and romantic bivouac, and the StarsBOX, an eagle's nest with a view over the Langhe.

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« Cascina Zan, on a sunny hillock overlooking the Alps in the heart of the Alta Langa, is a farm that welcomes hikers and travellers who love tranquillity and the rural landscape » 

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