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In a place of serenity surrounded by nature, we found the Tinaio in Bettola, in the hills of Piacenza, an hour or so from Milan, and six years ago it became ours.

Here we have learnt to sleep in silence, under marvellous starry skies; to plant fruit trees, flowers and harvest our vegetable garden; to recognise the cry of the roe deer, of the owl, of the buzzards, to spot foxes, badgers and porcupines; to appreciate the splendid views that can be enjoyed by crossing the hundreds of roads and paths that wind through the hills; to enjoy the genuine flavours of the local products: among others, Piacenza's coppa, tortelli, the delicious "pisarei e fasò" and truffles.

We have learned a lot over the years, now we would like to SHARE. 

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Packed lunch


Pets allowed

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Riding stables

Vegetable garden


Swimming pool

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« We are starting our reception activities with you, who would like to have a wonderful experience. Nature is the protagonist, and besides the StarsBOX we offer you courtesy, authenticity, cleanliness, quietness and much more. »

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