ARDESIO (BG) - Lombardia


The Mongioie lodge can be reached in 50 minutes, covering 300 metres of difference in altitude and 2.5 km of easy path.

To the north it is surrounded by magnificent dolomite limestone walls, on which numerous climbing routes are equipped, to the south it overlooks a beautiful plateau and on clear days you can see the sea, thanks to the proximity of the sea, the unique microclimate favours a rare endemic flowering. An ideal place for easy hikes for adults and children, with the possibility of excursions to the Vene cave. The refuge is owned by the Alpine Club of Albenga and we have been running it for almost 30 years, trying to offer our customers an excellent welcome with home cooking.

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« Easy to reach, it has impressive limestone walls to the north, and it overlooks a magnificent plateau with rare flowers to the south, an ideal place for easy hikes and an excellent welcome with home cooking  »